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John: I love you so much… Can we take our friendship to the next level. I want us to start a relationship that will lead to marriage

Ann: sure, I am ready to journey with you. I love you too

Out of the blues, I love you becomes bride-price. Ann takes her things and starts staying with John. She cooks for him, does his laundry, do house chores and everyone thinks she is a wife. Its been now John has refused to pop the big question “Will you marry me?” Ann is worried because nothing seems to be coming out of the relationship.

There are so many cases like Ann today. He proposed to you is different from “we are married” .Engagement ring is not marriage ring. Young lady you have been dating this guy for 5-10 years now (is it a degree course? Because from what I can see you may never graduate,lols) and you have been performing home and bed services. Sister you are in trouble.Today on campus you see a guy and a lady living together like husband and wife and I can tell you its 5 in a 100 that gets married. Every other breaks up.
No man gets serious with a lady when he has nothing to look forward to. He has eaten all the honey there is….so what will he be paying for? Then he begins to suspect you because he feels someone else could have been sleeping with you….in the process you are wasting your time and your life. Its time to go home young lady and wait until he marries you officially.
Young lady allow the man look forward to having you in his house after wedding. Young man send that lady home… #yes bring back our girls!!!!
#girls go home
#stop cohabiting illegally


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