God deposited a lot of things (potentials) in the woman. This is what the devil saw and left Adam to deceiving Eve. The devil never bothered to go to Adam because he knew that a man is like a baby in the arms of a woman. A woman can cause war in a country, same woman can bring peace to a nation.
The bible said; a wise woman buildeth her home, but a foolish woman, scattereth it. Being a woman is beyond curves and contours. Its beyond make ups and trending fashions. Be a prayerful womanyourself, and equip yourself for the battle ahead. Always pinging won’t solve the challenges in your matrimonial home. It is now that you are single, you will start building yourself and getting ready for the main phase of life.

Its very appalling that most girls today don’t know what they carry. They leave the substance behind and go ahead carrying breasts, bum bum, fingers, brazillian hairs around. They transform their God’s given talent into doing meaningless and illicit things. Check the entertainment industries, women are projected nakedly so as to make sales. As great as Samson was, a woman killed him.
Women of today mostly have lost and sacrificed their divine virtues on the alter of beauty building, make ups, materialism etc.
I always say this; when a man starts womanizing, being alcoholicly addicted, keeping late night, its the wife’s fault. All men are not the same, my dear. God has put in you the ability to control your husband. Read these tips very well and practice them;

– whenever you are cooking in the house, always prophecy into that food, that your husband won’t eat that food and keep keeping late night, that he won’t taste this food and feel the sensation for another woman except you.
– while washing his clothes, pray doing that, and speak into those clothes, that as you are washing them, you are washing off every spirit of alcoholism in him, that he will never wear these clothes and sit in a beer parlor drinking. Speak fire into those clothes.
Keep doing these exercises, you will see how God will honor your prayers and restores your man to wholesomeness.

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