…haa! My husband must be rich oo, who no like money, who wan suffer. At least he has to be averagely rich, that is; having a car, doing a flowing business or working in a well paid job, have a comfortably furnished flat or duplex, pretty handsome bla-bla-bla.
One of them continued describing that kind of man she will get married to. Others listed equivalently same features as the former did. I got pissed off with the generation of girls we have nowadays.
They came to my room to charge phones. I ensued into a deep deliberation with them concerning marriage, and this is the message:

*A man by nature is a baby to his woman. A man misbehaves whenever he’s with his wife. A man is incomplete without a woman. Adam despite he had everything at his disposal, kept feeling this vacuum and loneliness in him – Eve completed him. That’s why immediately he saw Eve, he said; yes this is the bone of my bones, and the flesh of my flesh, and went further to name her ‘woman’, which means, an help-meet.
You did a man no good by marrying him because he’s rich, instead you’ve unknowingly subjected yourself into servitude in his house. A man who marries you as a rich man, in most occasion, would always think you came for the money and not love. He can talk to you anyhow, beat you, have no regards to your feelings, womanizes etc, he might always take you to shopping in Dubai, provide all you’ve need, but you are barely enjoying the marriage, you are enduring it. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

Have you seen that man who met you when he had nothing, and married you, both of you worked tirelessly and built your wealth together,..he will never want to joke with you. He will cherish you, love you, adore you, worship you, protect you, provide for you, infact can die for you. Check most marriages that the later played out, contrast it with the former, you will discover that the later is built on love and respect. Read about Barrack Obama and wife, Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Bishop Oyedepo and wife, Bishop Ikeakor and wife etc.
Men values women who contributes to their success. We love them who impacts in us positively. We love them who stays back home, and controls our daily affairs in the place of prayers, not on whatsapp and all social media. We cherish them that wokes us up in morning for prayers, and while ready to go out for the day’s work, she would always hold our hands and prophecy into our endeavors and plans, and not the type

that will be busy with her phone while the husband zooms off.
Nevertheless, marrying an already made guy is not bad, but always seek God’s decision and His perfect will for you. There are three options for you in deciding your marriage;
1. God’s perfect will.
2. God’s will.
3. Persuasive will.
(I will talk on these three soon).


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