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Three Important Facts Before marriage

These three options faces us as we get ready for marriage.
When seeking God’s face to direct you on the choice of husband/wife, and how to choose who, God won’t force you but will do whatever you want him do for you according to what option you selected.
This option is the best of it all. Its embedded therein, all that God has in store for you. Whatever you will become is engraved in it. It can be so challenging and displeasing when you see it, but when you become obedient, steadfast and faithful in accepting it, you will ripe the unending benefits in it. Example, God may have programmed it that you will marry a mechanic apprentist. He had hidden your blessings in that man, when you accept him, God’s purpose for that choose will be made manifest within the shortest period of time.

2. God’s will:
This one may not be as decorated and packaged as the former. As God wanted you to marry a mechanic apprentist, He may allow you to marry a mechanic shop owner and not the apprentist as designed. And this will only happen when you seek for His will and not His perfect will. The blessings and challenges can not be compared with the former.

3. Persuasive will:
When we want our choice and desire to outrun the perfect will of God in our live. When we already had the kind of man/woman to marry and then start twisting God into approving it for you. He may allow you marry that person, but later you will discover that what you chose for yourself is not actually what God wanted for you.
Let’s be careful in dealing with God. He answers prayers, but most times, let’s allow Him take the lead in our lives.

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