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Daily Archives: March 7, 2017


There could be times when life gets so tough and extremely challenging that we decide to quit. Friends could be seen as enemies. Family members become destiny destroyers. Enemies appear devil by mere looking. We wake up to frown on life and everything around us. We extend this unpleasant gesture …

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I was listenin g to a radio program during the evening yesterday. A program that was discussing relationship issues and why its important to be prepared for it before jumping into one. It was nice points from the presenters. Many a times, we don’t wait to be mentally, psychologically, financially, …

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New travel ban by President Trump

Administration President Donald Trump issued a revised immigration ban Monday that temporarily freezes US visa issuance to anyone from six mostly-Muslim countries and halts for 120 days all refugee arrivals. Here are the key points: – Iraq, which was targeted by the original January 27 travel ban, is excluded.

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