I was listenin

g to a radio program during the evening yesterday. A program that was discussing relationship issues and why its important to be prepared for it before jumping into one. It was nice points from the presenters.
Many a times, we don’t wait to be mentally, psychologically, financially, morally, socially and emotionally built- (ready) for a relationship before going into it. Some of us start a relationship because our friends are into one so we wouldn’t want to be left behind. That’s a wrong conception.
Same yesterday while going back home from work, this female friend saw me and called me, by the road side, she started telling how she can’t control her feeling on me, how she wants to kiss me, how she really wants to get into a relationship with me, how jealous she always feel whenever she sees me chatting or laughing with other girls etc. (she might see this post anyway). After all her sermons, I reminded her some months ago when I was ready for a relationship with her, and how I ask her for one and she turned me down, and how I kept trying until she told me she was never ready for any such thing then. She started again, trying to make me understand why now is the right time to start it up.
No ma’am! I don’t want. Yes! Not because I’m retaliating or making it a form of payback, but just that I’m not ready for a relationship now. As a matter of fact, I can’t give in to any form of relationship now. I need to be mentally, psychologically, emotionally, financially, and socially balanced before I start having such thought. Atleast, I’m very happy with myself now, no worries, no pains. I’m concentrated to my career pursuit, I don’t need distractions. Then, she left but promise to keep on trying.
Dear brothers, let’s just reason it together. Do you possibly go to bed when your eyes ain’t heavy or calling for sleep? Do you go to urinate when you ain’t feeling pressed? It is same with relationship. Wait for it to mature. The signs will come when you are fully ready for it. Keep working and building yourself.
Dear sister, being into a relationship does not make you beautiful, belonging, wise, sharp girl, etc. A wrong relationship delays your chances as a woman. Don’t start a relationship because you need a man who will take up your financial responsibilities. Wait!!! Just wait dear. Men know the ripe ones for marriage. Relax dear. Keep working on yourself. Get something doing. Keep yourself busy. Don’t be pushed by peer groups.
Its better to be in a happy relationship than caged in a hell and call it relationship. Good things are worth waiting for. Be ready! Be prepared!! Be balanced!!!

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