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Love is a decision By Ugochukwu smart

The best affectionate love is seen when it’s borne out of decision. There is always a conclusion and finally a decision while on the verge of loving someone. This is why you see someone who hates you in the early stage of your love trial with him or her, suddenly the person turns back to love you even more than you do. It doesn’t just happen. A decision transpired and .

Don’t love out of mercy, situations around, force, persuasions, condition, money, materialism, physical appearance, social status etc. When you allow those things to determine for you or be your guild for making your decision, then you are swimming towards the wrong direction.

Take a deep breathe and follow your instincts. It can never deceive you. Make that decision and you will see the result aftermath.

Again pls, don’t choose the channel your lover must come from. The person might meet you on social media, church, hospital, market, school, seminars etc. Don’t neglect the days of little beginning.


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