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  1. There could be times when life gets so tough and extremely challenging that we decide to quit. Friends could be seen as enemies. Family members become destiny destroyers. Enemies appear devil by mere looking. We wake up to frown on life and everything around us. We extend this unpleasant gesture to our loved ones at home and office. We to a loud voice on a single rhetoric question. We angrily break the pen simply because the ink isn’t flowing well. We hit our phones on the ground when it kept saying ‘error in network connection’.
    Its mad at this point because whatever we do, we regret later. Why not take a deep breathe, and say to your mind, ‘IT IS WELL’. I love this statement because it heals and restores a lot of good memories and times of life. It brings hope to the soul.
    Have you discovered wanting to pray but couldn’t just because of compounded issues of life staring in your mind. Your heart is so heavy that you can’t just pray. The devil presents these things just to weigh us down. Its expedient, we ignore those thoughts, focus on God’s goodness and favour over our lives. Cast all cares on Him. Bring all problems to Him. Pray about everything, don’t complain about anything. Meet God in prayers, supplication and thanksgiving.
    Learn to control your emotions. Don’t dare those around you with your predicaments. Extend your maturity to handling such awkward feelings when they come up.
    The best is yet to come. Tomorrow is filled with blessings. Today has its own too. Don’t sacrifice your opportunities on the alter of worries.

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