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A man is

a pillar, foundation and controller of affairs in life and homes. God deposited such authorities and power on man when he breathed in him a portion of His (God) .

I talked about the woman who builds the home. The man protects and provides for the home. God said, a man who can not provide for his family is worst than infidel. Its a saddled responsibility of a man to provide and protect his home.
A promiscuous woman can only destroy her home if the man is asleep and didn’t send her packing, or rather handle the situation. But for a useless man who is referred as a drunkard etc, he has a deterorating spirit in his home which its effect may not be seen now but remain a generational issue and challenge. Our forefathers mistakes are what some of us are suffering from, while to some, their good deed and name has been a blessing upon generations.
Therefore as a man, its done on you to make such you sit up to your saddled responsibilities for the sake of your generation now and those to come. Be a protector and a provider.
Build a formidable home which will in turn make our society and world at large a place to live.

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