The Wrong number – Episode 27

The following week, I called Daniel on. I told him I’ll come to his office after school.
I got to Daniel’s office later that afternoon, I wasn’t in a good mood and of course he noticed Immediately I stepped into his office.
“Have your sit” he said and I sat on the sofa
“What can I offer you” he asked
“Nothing, I’m OK”
“What’s eating you up sweetheart?”
”I came to tell you about my past”
“I’m listening” he said and sat beside me.
I suddenly went dumb. I tried to speak but words are not coming out.
“Daniella go ahead, you can talk to me” Still I couldn’t talk, I was just staring at the floor.
“Is it that bad? Did you kill someone, are you an ex convict, do you do drugs or you have a child? He bombarded me with questions.“
I wished I had a child but I don’t because I aborted it”
“What?” Abortion!”
Despite the fact that abortion is legalized in the state, Daniel detest it.
“You murdered a harmless child? You should have prevented that by using protection”
I didn’t say a word, I just sat down crying silently. He went back to his sit and said nothing.
“My ex want me back, he threatened to tell you himself if I don’t break up with you and come back to him”
“And that is why you are here”
Daniel said angrily
“Please don’t put it that way, I didn’t mean to hide it from you”
“Daniella! you are not even planning to tell me before, but you could tell me now because your ex is blackmailing you?”
“I’ve always wanted to tell you, I just lacked the courage to do it earlier”
“And you expect me to buy that?”
“I’m sorry Dee, maybe I don’t even deserve you in the first place”I said
He didn’t say a word, he was just staring at me. For like 15min, the room was quiet.
“Please say something” I pleaded
“I need time to process all this and please I want to be alone” he said
I couldn’t believe he just walked me out of his office indirectly. Tears started streaming on my cheek. I stood up, cleaned my face with my face towel and left his office. With all hopes lost, to be sincere I don’t know where all this will end…

Episode 23 here… http://multigist.com/2017/04/02/story-the-wrong-number-episode-23/

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